Telephone survey (CATI)

Telephone survey (CATI)

With our cloud-based telephone studio CATI on Demand – the first of its kind – we conduct national and international telephone surveys (CATI). Around 175 freelance interviewers work around the clock on your telephone surveys.

We provide you with the highest level of <strong>TRANSPARENCY</strong> <strong>QUALITY</strong> <strong>FLEXIBILITY</strong>


Through internal training processes and fair hourly rates, we ensure that our interviewers are well trained and highly motivated.

BVM certifiedWe are a member of Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher e.V. and always adhere to the ESOMAR guidelines, the applicable professional code of conduct and the BVM quality criteria.

Continuous monitoring

Thanks to the latest technology, the supervisors can follow every step of the interviewers in detail – live and retrospectively! Special live coaching features allow them to pass on tips and advice instantly. In addition to text messaging, a supervisor can speak directly to an interviewer to communicate important information immediately.


As a customer, you have access to our system and can therefore obtain an overview of the current status of your project at any time. The Status Monitor provides a live view of how many interviewers are working on the project, how many interviews each interviewer has completed in their shift so far, and what quotas have already been met. A detailed sample protocol (exhaustion protocol) is available at the touch of a button.


Workshop owners, purchasing managers or mechanics: after numerous telephone surveys in the industry, our interviewers are now very familiar with this specific target group – all over Europe. Our interviewers conduct around 10,000 interviews a year in the automotive sector alone.

Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals

Doctors, pharmacists, carers. Surveys in the healthcare sector should only be conducted with trained and experienced interviewers. Our interviewers have proven their skills in numerous healthcare surveys. They regularly take part in Adverse Event Reporting training courses.


Farmers are also a target group that is not foreign to our interviewers, whether they grow cabbage or beets, organic or conventional, in Europe or even overseas.

B2B target groups

Our interviewers primarily have experience with B2B target groups. Sectors like energy, commerce, crafts, gastronomy, agriculture, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals are routine for us.


We connect interviewers all over the world in our cloud-based telephone studio. All interviewers are native speakers and work from their home offices. Internationality and security are not mutually exclusive: the client’s data pool remains securely stored on servers located in Germany throughout the entire project cycle.


Using a secure connection, the interviewers first dial into our servers in Germany. They work in the same way in various locations as they do in the central studio: on the basis of optimum quality standards and proven CATI processes. Our cloud-based telephone studio is characterized by maximum transparency thanks to sophisticated monitoring and constant supervision.

Employee surveys

Professionally conducted employee surveys to identify sentiment, satisfaction and specific areas for improvement in your organisation. Obtaining high quality strategic information helps to create a positive working environment.

B2C target groups

Our interviewers collect information in private households, depending on the question, from specific consumers and customers to ordinary households, representative or special target groups.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Customer surveys are the foundation of customer satisfaction. This is an essential prerequisite for lasting customer loyalty. We survey your customers, B2C and B2B, national and international, small and large samples.


Co-browsing makes it technically possible for the interviewer and interviewee to navigate together, and visual representations can be presented to the interviewee during a telephone interview if the interviewee has online access.

175 Interviewers

work from their home offices worldwide

over 20 years experience

hundreds of market research projects

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