IVR survey

IVR survey

Automated data collection is possible with Interactive Voice Response (IVR). No interviewers are required for an IVR survey. The questions are pre-recorded and automatically prompted via a voice dialog system (IVR system). Answers are given via voice recognition or by pressing a button on the phone.

Customer satisfaction survey with IVR

Direct your customers to our IVR survey system after they have spoken to your sales or service representative. The customer is asked via voice recording how satisfied they are with the conversation they have just had with your employee. The questions are answered by key input or voice recognition. Then ask if the customer thought the waiting time was reasonable. Up to this point, the entire interview has taken about 30 seconds. If you would like to evaluate different locations, we will provide you with a separate IVR number for each of your locations. This allows you to compare the individual locations in their evaluation.


An IVR survey can be set up in several languages. The respondent can choose the language in which the interview is conducted via a pre-set IVR menu. It is also possible to record open answers. For this purpose, the open answers are made available as mp3 files or transcribed.

Real-time evaluation

The data collected in an IVR survey is delivered in standard data formats (SPSS, CSV). Data can also be analyzed in real time via a dashboard. The data is transferred from the IVR survey system to the dashboard via an API interface.

A typical IVR survey with 2 questions takes less than 30 seconds

Survey scenarios:

Overall satisfaction with the service call. Evaluation of individual quality aspects, e.g. friendliness, competence, comprehensibility of the employee, waiting time until the call is answered, call duration and result.

  • Up to 10 questions

  • Scale questions with values from 1 to 6

  • Yes-or-No questions

  • Response via key input or voice recognition

  • Multilingual

  • Open-ended questions

  • Several hundred interviews possible at the same time

  • No need for interviewers

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